The Cast

Illustration by Alexey Lipatov

Thelana is swift and cunning, adept in archery and swordplay, skills she attained as a hunter struggling for survival in the wilds of Aenya. After returning from war, she finds her home in Ilmarinen an abandoned ruin. With no food and no family, she seeks to survive in the world capital of Hedonia, stealing when she can. Wanting more than to live in the slums as a vagabond, she climbs into the Temple of Sargonus, where she is caught prying the pearl eyes from the idol of the Sea God. In a cold dark recess beneath the city, she waits as a prisoner.

Illustration by Tazio Bettin

Xandr: The people of Aenya know him only as a naked savage, a wild man, a recluse. He is driven to madness by the loss of his mentor and the destruction of his monastery home. Emmaxis, his sword and his burden, whispers violent suggestions to his mind. Summoned from the swamps to the imperial city of Hedonia, Xandr discovers there is more to his life then ever he could imagine. For thousands of years, as their holy history shows, the high priests of Hedonia have awaited him. All the while, a portent of doom hangs over the city as merquid creep upon the shore to murder the innocent.

Illustration by Alexey Lipatov

Emma wears black robes that don’t fit her. Her sleeves hang past her fingers and the hem drags along the ground, gathering the grime from the streets of Northendell. She has no friends but the ravens, an evil omen among her people. When the birds are away, her only respite is to play her flute and converse with herself. From before she can remember, Emma has known she must never go into the study of her tower home, where her father secludes himself, toiling morning and night. As she grows into womanhood, her awkwardness brings undue attention, and Emma, accused of witchcraft, becomes an outcast from the only place she’s known as home.


Illustration by Julia Bax

Grimosse is a construct of dead flesh brought to life by the lost arts of the Zo. Though he maintains no allegiance to the Empire, he wears the gold and crimson standards of the Hedonian legionnaire. An immense hammer, weighing several times that of a man, is uniquely suited to his inhuman strength. From whence he came, nobody knows. He is discovered wandering the northern plains by a Hedonian patrol. Nothing subdues the monster’s rage but the pleas of the High Priest’s daughter, Merneptes, when her caravan is overcome during a revolt. The golem follows her dutifully for years until her suicide, when the city is overcome by waves and merquid.

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