The City of the Drowned: Chapter 15

Chapter 15 The Trident “Don’t ever leave me again.” Thelana’s cheek pressed between the scarred clefts of his torso. He longed to take her, to feel her soft hair between his fingers, but new manacles weighted his wrists. “It was the only way.” “Perhaps,” she said, watching him as if he might vanish. “They wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Tide of Fears The salt desert spread with the teeming thousands. Gold stallions bucked on the red backdrop of the Nibian banner. The left flank was burnished in studded plate and banded mail. Soon, other groups joined the Nibian cavalry, a ragtag of freemen and mercenaries under the blue fist of Kratos; the… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 13

Chapter 13 The Curse Screams rang in the darkness followed by flickers of light. Though familiar with the voice, they shuddered at it. Nothing enraged the Batal like betrayal. “Novae!” With the Ancient word, Emma made their surroundings visible. It was a faint glow without origin, turning the dust to glitter.  Emmaxis sparked again against… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The High Priest of the Faithless Tripods were found and erected, their brassieres set ablaze, and the altar chamber took form. Ripples radiated from their ankles, the crests glinting like jewels as they moved through the shallow water. Xandr was overcome with an awful sense of recognition as the tomb-like chamber met his… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 11

Chapter 11 The Maelstrom Circling high above the turmoil, raven eyes watched, as Thelana and Arrow burst from the stables and Meridius erupted into flame, as the grayquid were vanquished. When all appeared calm, she glided from her crow’s nest again onto the ship. The feeling of transformation was like the climax that comes with… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Demons of the Deep Grayquid are inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s Deep Ones All eyes fixed on the beams not three feet overhead. A latticework of sunlight and shadow played over their terror stricken faces. The men moved frantically in the narrow quarters below, watching, waiting, listening. Little noise came from the upper decks,… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Ex-Libris Mist rolled about the domed edifice, caressing the corroded stone, entwining the Mare Nostrum as though something living, coiling about the tall pillars and the oars. The fluted columns reflected in the ebbing water like the tendrils of some monstrous cephalopod waiting to greet the wary sailors. Cambses donned his helmet, its… Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 8

Pentaconter leaving the port of Hedonia courtesy of Evan Kyrou Chapter 8 Mare Nostrum They sailed two days from the port of Thetis, along the Hedonian coast, toward what had been the most trafficked harbor in the world. None of the fifty oarsmen or their captain, Cambses, believed they would find any ships moored at… Continue Reading →

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