The Naked Heroes

The Greek hero, PerseusThe idea of nude heroes is nothing new. In Ancient Greece, nearly every hero went without a loin cloth, whether depicted on canvas, pottery or marble. Among these were Heracles, Perseus, Theseus and Achilles. After the Renaissance, some Biblical heroes also went nude, as portrayed by Michelangelo's David. By the 19th century,... Continue Reading →

Fifty Shades of Nudism

This is what shame looks like, folks! After my first visit to Paradise Lakes clothing optional resort, I had a dilemma. To tell or not to tell? Eventually, I figured, I could never be happy unless I let the cat (or should that be penis?) out of the bag. I eventually told everyone I knew,... Continue Reading →

Heroes of Naturism

Just as racism and homophobia exist to varying degrees around the world, so does bigotry against nudists. It might seem offensive to equate the two, but in countries like Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, where women who refuse to cover their faces can be jailed, beaten and raped, the comparison seems more appropriate. Unlike homosexuality, becoming a... Continue Reading →

The Missing Surah: Nudity in Religion

My religious background is almost comic. I was baptized (at a very late age) into the Greek Orthodox faith. Usually, this happens a year after birth, but my parents procrastinated a very long time and I ended up looking like a naked hippie dangling from the priest's arms, with my long, blond(e), luxurious hair---some people... Continue Reading →

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