Songs from Aenya: At Sternbrow Hill

At Sternbrow Hill the armies came with copper on their heads all gleaming and copper swords in belts a shining and copper spears in hands a bristling met men with men to kill and maim at Sternbrow Hill they came         they fought till from the hills they bled met sword with spear till all lay... Continue Reading →

The Princess of Aenya

Once, not long ago, there lived a king in the land of Tyrnael, who had but one daughter. This daughter he loved with his whole heart, but upon her eleventh year she fell ill, her cheeks paling like the petals of a dying ilm. Never leaving her bedside, the king called for every physician in... Continue Reading →


HISTORY: After the Great Cataclysm, over ten millennia ago, Aenya was forever altered. Tidally locked, the planet remained with one side perpetually facing the sun, becoming the desert, Ocean, while the opposite end became forever shrouded in moonlight, The Dark Hemisphere. Only the narrow region between the two hemispheres, The Midlands, continued to be suitable for human habitation. As a direct result, wars broke out... Continue Reading →

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