A Letter to my Trump Supporting Friend

I have lost two friends over Trump. My cycling buddy was the first, whom I hardly had much in common with, other than hitting the trail. The other friend I've known for two-decades. Back in the 90s, long before Facebook, fans of niche pop culture met through e-mail lists, where we shared our passion for... Continue Reading →

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I talk to my time traveling self from 2015!

On October 7th 2015, I traveled five years into the future to interview my future self, and that day is TODAY! It's kind of mind-breaking if you think about it, because back then I thought of my current self as future Nick, but now future Nick is me, and the person who had been current... Continue Reading →

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Trump is the Villain

Let me make this perfectly clear: Trump is the bad guy. He’s the villain we have to defeat. He’s the threat endangering America. Trump is a liar, a conman, a thief, a racist, a sex-offender, but worst of all, he's a dictator wannabe with fascist tendencies. If you are even considering voting for him, there... Continue Reading →

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No More Naturism

If you're a naturist who has been following me, I regret to inform you that all of my naturist articles have been made private. This means you will no longer be able to access them or read them. This was by no means been an easy decision, but it has come to my attention that... Continue Reading →

5E D&D Race: Ilmar

The Art of Storytelling

ThelanainNorthendellThe ILMAR are a primitive human culture native to Aenya distinguished by their absence of clothing. Due to their rejection of social norms, and prehistoric ways of living, the civilized races of Aenya consider them a lesser subspecies. They are called savages, wild humans, feral children, or barbarians (despite their class). Ilmar are shunned where people gather, which forces them to live alone or in small bands of no more than a dozen individuals far from cities and villages, in forests, swamps, and grasslands. The prejudiced view towards the Ilmar is perpetuated by what little is known of their culture. Having lost their ancestral land to famine and changing climate, Ilmar who have not gone into hiding are often forced into service as soldiers and slaves, or end up as beggars on city streets. A small number of them adopt local customs, learning to wear clothes while keeping secret their…

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Thelana 5e

Have you ever wanted to play Thelana in D&D? Well NOW you can! As long as you've got an open minded DM and a gaming group willing to accept an Ilmarin into the campaign, refer to the stat block below, which approximates Thelana's abilities in Hedonia, when she first climbed into the Temple of Sargonus... Continue Reading →

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