Anna and the Devil

Forward: When I was eighteen, my sister and I visited the famous Byzantine castle in the Taygetos Mountains in Sparta (my parents hometown). Along the way, we passed through a¬†monastery¬†and met a nun who offered us a disgusting mix of water and orange powder. What I found peculiar about the nun was that she had... Continue Reading →

Who are the Ilmar?

Where do they come from? What is the story of XANDR and THELANA, the heroes of Ages of Aenya? And why are they naked? Head on over to my sister blog, The World of Aenya, to read up on their biographies.

Why I Do Not Call Myself an Atheist

"I am certain of nothing but of the holiness of the heart's affections and the truth of the imagination---what the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth---whether it existed before or not." John Keats Let me make a few things clear: I am not a Christian and I am not religious, nor do I align... Continue Reading →

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