It’s my life …

I have devoted the past thirty years of my life to mastering the art of storytelling. Unfortunately, we live in an age of social media, where clickbait is king, and selling books is all about media savvy. But that isn’t how I grew up.   

There has never been a time in my life when I haven’t thought about writing. I wake up with it, shower with it, and go to sleep with it. Before I even knew to write my name, I was asking random people to jot down the many fictional scenarios running rampant in my head. When I couldn’t find willing assistants, I used tape recorders to flush the stories from my brain, resulting in a stack of hour-long cassettes filled with the incoherent ramblings of an overeager, ADHD-riddled preschooler. When I turned nine, I convinced my father to fly me to New York City to solicit my comic book series to the receptionist at DC Comics. While that didn’t pan out, I knew I had a penchant for the written word when my third-grade creative writing teacher announced to the school that he had never met a more gifted student. Until graduate school, I was considered a literary prodigy, a favorite of my classmates and professors. All that attention prompted me to query my first book to publishers at the tender age of fourteen. By high school, I completed my first ninety-thousand-word novel, The Nomad. I eventually received my BA in English from the University of South Florida while pursuing an MA in Ancient History. 

In 2017, I started work on my fantasy series with Ages of Aenya, which I followed up with The Princess of Aenya. My father’s restaurant business and helping my wife raise two kids have occupied much of my time. But I am prepared to quit my day job to devote myself entirely to writing. My ultimate goal is literary excellence, whether that means winning a Hugo Award, the Pulitzer Prize, or simply garnering fans worldwide. 

The Feral Girl, a prequel to Ages of Aenya, was released in May of 2022.

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