Twilight Fans are OK with Me

Sorry, not actually reviewing this! Should people hate Twilight? Is the book poorly written? Are people who enjoy it stupid? Or do they just not know any better? To all of the above, the answer, of course, is no. Why not? Because everything is subjective, that's why. An aspiring author and friend of mine recently asked... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect 3: Character or Plot?

Warning: The article below contains spoilers for Mass Effect 3 I have always been interested in games with story, whether role playing through a computer or home console system or, better yet, tabletop games like D&D. Typically, I don't expect much plot or character development from a game, but recent attempts by Bioware have proven... Continue Reading →

Cloud Atlas

No review of Cloud Atlas could do it justice. I should just type the title in bold, followed by four stars. Hell, I’d like to change my rating system to give it five. Yes, it’s that good, a work of literary genius that transcends genre. Unfortunately, the cover sure as hell doesn’t do the book any... Continue Reading →

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