Naked (but not Afraid)

After seeing the new show on Discovery Channel, Naked and Afraid, I knew I had to chime in and soon. After all, it's about a man and a woman trying to survive in the wilderness, without a stitch of clothing! Sounds too much like my novel, and heroes, Xandr and Thelana, for me to pass... Continue Reading →

The Missing Surah: Nudity in Islam

This is truly offensive.I vacationed in Greece and in Morocco this summer. While not my first time in a Muslim country, it was a real eye opener, especially since I was there during the holy month of Ramadan. Morocco is the most liberal of Muslim nations, but while you may see girls in shorts walking... Continue Reading →

Naturism in Modern Greek Culture

  What's happened to Greek culture? In terms of nudity, it's becoming increasingly American. I remember being on the island of Skiathos and seeing nothing but a sea of bare breasts. At the time, it was disconcerting. I was seven and didn't care to see naked girls. I also remember the little corner street shops... Continue Reading →

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