Disrobing Suspense: Nick Alimonos on Aenya

A few weeks ago, fellow author and naturist Will Forest reached out to me for a blog series he was doing, cleverly titled, "Disrobing Suspense." He wanted to know how other writers deal with naturist themes in their work, and he had already interviewed some high profile names I greatly admire, like Loxie and Zoot... Continue Reading →

People of Aenya: Zaibos

Many believe he is a demon, spawned from the fiery depths of Aenya. His monstrous appearance throws adversaries into a panic, and his boundless cruelty only confirms the myth of his origins. No wonder Zaibos, born as a man, comes to be known as the Monster King and Lord of Agonies.  He arrives in Tyrnael with his... Continue Reading →

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