Why Nudists Need Heroes

Face it, it's not easy being different, especially if you're one-out-of-a-million different. I've known this feeling all my life, because I was never like "the other kids." I was born to Greek immigrants who were too busy making pizza to raise their son. Bored and lonely, I talked to myself constantly. I didn't just have... Continue Reading →

The Geography of Aenya

Since J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, it seems every good fantasy novel needs a map, and I finally got around to making mine (an early version was used for "Enya" in 2004). You'll notice, however, that Aenya is different than most fantasy worlds, in that it is neither an island continent nor a peninsula. Instead, Aenya... Continue Reading →

Thelana: Feminist Icon?

I can already hear the detractors, the angry feminists calling me out as a sexist. Their argument, I imagine, will go something like this, Thelana is the lead heroine in Nick Alimonos' fantasy epic, "Ages of Aenya," and she has everything we love to see in a female character: strength, intelligence, and she can dish... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Xandr!

So, the other day, one of my fans sent me a message, "Happy Anniversary!" I was confused, until he told me that, on June 28th, 1999, I posted the very first Aenya related story. On that day,¬†Xandr was born (OK, this post is a bit late). It comes as a bit of a shock to... Continue Reading →

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