2015: A Crazy Year in Review

Two-thousand and fifteen is my 5th year of blogging, and I have to say, this has been the craziest year to date. Without a doubt, the most standout event was my moving from Blogger to WordPress. I knew this had to happen someday, but I was reluctant, for the same reasons I hate moving to a... Continue Reading →

Underwhelmed by the Force

I know what people are going to say. First, I am going to get accused of click-baiting. The only reason I am criticizing this film is to get attention, they'll say. This is, perhaps, what is most depressing. Social media creates peer pressure, to the point where you're afraid to voice your true feelings. Whether it's 97% for Star... Continue Reading →

Answering the Lucas Haters

This post is going to be something different, an on-going series that I will be continuously updating to answer the haters' complaints about George Lucas and the Star Wars films. All the Lucas-bashing reminds me of the way I was bullied as a kid. Between 6th and 8th grade, I was mercilessly teased by pretty much the entire class, because... Continue Reading →

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