Porn is the Enemy of Nudism!

You're going to have to forgive me right now, but I am absolutely seething, and what you are about to read is me at my least eloquent.┬áBut I am monstrously furious, and I need a space to rant. Maybe I should not be admitting to this level of rage, so as not to invite the... Continue Reading →

Why I am a Nudist

  Even as I am sitting here, tapping away at my keyboard, I am not wearing any clothes, because naked is my default, how I feel most true to myself, and if I could move to Ilmarinen, to never have to see another pair of underwear, you can be certain I'd be packing my rather... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya is NOT erotica!!!

Please help, I would like to advertise my fantasy adventure novel, Ages of Aenya, but it won't let me get started because, for some reason, the book has been labeled as erotica. My book is NOT erotica! It has never been erotica. There is a lot more adult/erotic content in Game of Thrones and other... Continue Reading →

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