The Song of Strom

The Delian people have a very different creation myth than that of Eldin. Their myth, told in song, reflects the values of their people: namely strength and courage. It is written in the style of the epic poem; I have done my best to emulate one of my favorites from antiquity, the Kalevala: Epic of the Finns, which... Continue Reading →

The Tao of Writing

For two decades, my family and friends have struggled to understand my need to tell stories, and to have those stories be recognized. They sometimes see it as just a need for approval, or praise, or fame. While praise does motivate me, what really drives me to write is much simpler: we who suffer from... Continue Reading →

Nudity in Aenya

My fans, who are typically open minded readers, are often puzzled by the naturism in the world of Aenya. Sometimes, when people learn how often Xandr and Thelana roam about naked, they become quietly embarrassed, as if I just told them I'm gay. I find this aggravating, considering we live in a world of South Park and Family... Continue Reading →

The Not-So Dreaded Query Letter

I would like to thank all of my fans who've sent me feedback regarding this story, not just recently but for over the past decade. Your support has made it possible for me to keep going. Here is a new query letter I've put together based on some of your feedback. Dear Agent, The Hook:... Continue Reading →

The Dreaded Query Letter

Whenever I think about publishing, I suffer a mild panic attack. Before receiving my BA from USF, I promised myself that I would stop chickening out and pursue my dream as soon as a diploma was in my hand. Just the thought of that self-promise kept me up the night before graduation. Years later, I took a... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya: Chapter 4

Chapter 4 The Secret Knowledge is mastery. —Sayings of Kjus Hundreds of feet below her, the night fires spread like constellations. Street lamps gave shape to roads. Torches revealed angled temples, domes of courthouses and the elliptical walls of amphitheaters. Mirroring the cityscape, the velvet sky welcomed her with its familiarity, made her dream of... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya: Chapter 2

Chapter 2Jewel of the Sea Cities rise and fall with the tide. Gods of stone and symbols vanish in the winds of ages. But the children of Alashiya are eternal. —Sayings of Kjus My pathetic attempt at creating Hedonia in Photoshop. Since so much of Hedonia is based upon Roman architecture, I used a map of Rome... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya: Chapter 1

Continuing from the Prologue, here's chapter 1 of Ages of Aenya. I will be posting chapters 2 and 3 in the coming days, up until Thursday, when I'll be heading out to the post office to mail these out. It will be too late after that to give any constructive criticism, so if you have... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya: Prologue

UPDATED: 02/09/2012Here it is, free of charge, the prologue to Ages of Aenya. If you've ever cared about my writing, or this story, now is the time to show your support! Next week, these words will be traveling by manila envelope to New York, where dreams are made and crushed! Needless to say, it's a bit... Continue Reading →

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