The Not-So Dreaded Query Letter

I would like to thank all of my fans who’ve sent me feedback regarding this story, not just recently but for over the past decade. Your support has made it possible for me to keep going. Here is a new query letter I’ve put together based on some of your feedback.

Dear Agent,

The Hook: When Xandr first meets Thelana, she is dangling naked from the hook tied to her waist, her arm reaching for the giant pearl eye of a stone god. By the henna patterned across her body, he can tell she is like him, an Ilmarin, perhaps the last to be tamed by civilization. But Xandr can do nothing to save her from the angry zealots defending the temple lest he reveal himself a traitor and blasphemer.

The Plot: In Ages of Ænya, Thelana leaves her naturist family to join the war effort, but returns to an abandoned home. Xandr is raised to become a leader, a Batal like his ancestor, but after his mentor is murdered he wanders the wilds as a recluse. Emma, a teenager with an absent father, is banished from her city for witchcraft after talking to ravens.

As Fate brings these characters together, they must follow the clues contained in the Ages of Ænya—an ancient book written by a time hopping historian—to prevent a second world-shaping cataclysm.

The Genre: Ages of Ænya blurs the line between dark fantasy and science fiction. It is a completed novel at 157,677 words. A spin-off and a sequel are in the works.

About Me: I have been writing fiction since I was six years old. My first attempt at publication was at DC Comics headquarters in New York City at the age of nine (you can imagine how that turned out). After a number of shelved novels, I received my BA in English from the University of South Florida where I studied fiction, literature, and ancient history at the graduate level. Ages of Ænya is my third novel.

Please contact me if you would like to receive a synopsis, sample chapters or the entire manuscript.

Thank you for your consideration,

Nick Alimonos

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