Pizza PlanetBy Nick AlimonosXenobiologists still debate the reasons, but there is no denying that of the myriad forms of organic sustenance found throughout the galaxy, none is better loved than pizza. Perhaps the basic composition speaks universally to all species, the way its elliptical shape imitates the pressure gravity exerts on heavenly bodies, or how... Continue Reading →

Thank You, Ralph Keyes

If you manage to find your name on my blog, Mr. Keyes, I would like you to know how much your book, The Writer's Book of Hope, means to me. I often joke about the Writer's Disease and its ailments, yet there are some serious psychological effects to being a struggling writer. You really hit... Continue Reading →

FLASH FICTION: The Protagonist

One textbook from my USF days was the 1992 edition of Flash Fiction, featuring 72 short stories under 1000 words. Although I didn't give it much thought at the time, since I was only interested in writing novels, I have since found really short stories ideal for the attention-deficit, information-saturated internet age. And so let me introduce... Continue Reading →

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