Ages of Aenya (2012): Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Jewel of the Sea Cities rise and fall with the tide. Gods of stone and symbol vanish in the winds of ages. But the children of Alashiya are eternal. —Sayings of Kjus Trident of the Hedonian Navy Banners rippled in the air, blue and tapered and hemmed with tassels, each with a truncated... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya (2012): Chapter 2

 Chapter 2 Dreams of Ilmarinen Let me run the hills of Ilmarinen With soles in soil and grass where braids play the gale And sun splashes sharp shoulders I wrap the sky around me And birth myself to freedom Let the universe swell my lungs And stars scorch my heart my feet pound the river... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya: Chapter 1 (2012)

The First Omen City by the Sea Chapter 1 A Compass for Miseries If the body is offensive, then it is offensive to be human. —Sayings of Kjus Again he planted his battle ax into the gelatinous head, squeezing slime from an antenna as he wrestled to keep seated aloft the snail’s olive-green shell. With... Continue Reading →

No, Sophia!

This is my very first children's book, featuring artwork by my seven year old daughter, Jasmine Alimonos.

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