No, Sophia!

This is my very first children’s book, featuring artwork by my seven year old daughter, Jasmine Alimonos.

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  1. That is freaking adorable, Nick. I really like it. I hope my cousin Hannah comes over soon. She's five and I'd love to see what she thinks.

    Jasmine is quite the artist, and I absolutely love that you and she made this book together. This is the kind of stuff she's going to look back on some day and be so grateful for.

    Also, I literally laughed out loud at Sophia riding the fan, and the last past is cute as hell. I think this was a fantastic way to jump into the children's book game.


  2. So, I am very sad to say, this little project I did with my seven year old daughter in 2012, managed to reveal the ugliest side of the Internet, the place where the most vile trolls live. It was the kind of comment that makes you think, “Really? There are people in the world so twisted and miserable and full of hate?” Fortunately, I filter these things out, so you, Mr. Troll, will remain in my spam folder. Basically, a lot of rude things were said about me, but I wanted to respond to accusations of plagiarism. It was suggested that this story was a rip off of another book, “No, David.” First of all, I'd never seen “No, David” until years after I wrote this. I remember my daughter specifically showing it to me and saying, “Look, Daddy, this is kind of like what we made,” and I didn't care in the least. I never intended to publish this. “No, Sophia” was a fun little exercise, to help encourage my daughter's interest in art. We had fun doing it and that's what matters. Secondly, while the title is quite similar, the stories are not. David gets into real world situations; the premise of “No, Sophia,” is that she somehow manages to do things that are impossible: she gets lost in space, performs brain surgery, arms a nuclear device, etc. Fourthly, it is VERY common in literature for writers to come up with almost the same idea independently. Case in point: the character of “Dennis the Menace” was invented at the same time in both America and in Britain. Really, there are millions of books in the world and only so many concepts to be explored. Fifthly, I highly recommend that all you troll folk find better uses for your time. It's easy to find fault in others and to criticize, but it takes real effort to put yourself out there, and actually make something. Hopefully, troll person will learn to become a constructive member of society.


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