The City of the Drowned: Chapter 1

Forward: To better follow the adventures of Xandr, Thelana and Emma, it helps to know a little about The Dark Age of Enya.┬áIn short, the three battled a dragon and then a centaur, in order to rescue Princess Radia, the avatar of the Goddess Alashiya. During the fight, Thelana risked her life to save Emma,... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Prologue

Forward: In 2006, I started work on the sequel to my 2004 novel, The Dark Age of Enya. It quickly dawned on me, however, that POD (Print on Demand) was not a good way to sell books. Clearly, I had to seek big name publication. Two-thousand four was a painful time in my life, realizing... Continue Reading →

The College of Obscurity

I am not stupid, as far as I can tell, but if I am, maybe I can't tell. Either way, I appreciate all kinds of writing. My interests are as diverse as astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, from translations of Homer to French classics like The Count of Monte Cristo, to more... Continue Reading →

Rough Cut Fiction: A New Series

I juggle many balls. Between owning and operating a restaurant (anyone who watches Restaurant Impossible knows how hard this is), to being a father to two young girls (ages 2 and 7), to cycling (for health and hobby), I have a very limited time for writing. On my 36th birthday, I had a nervous breakdown... Continue Reading →

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