The City of the Drowned: Chapter 6

Image courtesy of my favorite artist, Frank FrazettaChapter 6Queen FrazettaBeams of sunlight angled through openings in unseen walls forming an illuminated square about a raised platform. At the periphery of this square were four arcades, each to a domed ceiling, flanked by pairs of narrow pillars. Impressions marked every wall, arch, and dome, a matrix... Continue Reading →

Xanth: The Prequel to Harry Potter?

I just finished Piers Anthony's A Spell for Chameleon, the first novel in the Xanth series, which was published in 1977. The similarities between his world and that of Harry Potter are difficult to ignore. People born with magic powers? Check. A magical world set on Earth during modern day? Check. Centaurs, dragons, mermaids, and... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 5

Chapter 5Riot for a SaviorShe and Xandr did not hesitate for a breath. When they entered through the door, he seized her, his arms about the pits of her knees, her ankles at the back of his neck. Warriors of lust, they collapsed to the floor, disregarding the soft bed, consuming one another like cannibals,... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 4

Chapter 4A Witch in LoveEmma figure courtesy of David PascoA crowd was gathering at the center square with the snake handlers and baboon profiteers, where the baby ibs ran aimlessly. Thelana stepped out of her tunic like a bathrobe, placing her sandals beside it. Onlookers stared aghast, with laughter, in mocking whispers; a few shouted,... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 3

Forward: This chapter was written in Morocco, after visiting the famed city of Marrakesh, which serves the basis for the bazaar in most fantasy books and films (if you've ever seen Disney's Aladdin you know what I mean). It's no wonder I wrote this during my trip, which gave me the opportunity to be directly inspired. Morocco is,... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned: Chapter 2

Chapter 2The HighwaymenThree horses swept across the grasslands of the Endless Plains, Xandr upon the bulky white stallion, Warrior; Emmalina upon the ebony Shadow, and Thelana upon the lightest and most swift, the toffee hued mare, Arrow. Before them a strong gale whistled and frolicked through hair and clothing, and to their backs the ominous... Continue Reading →

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