Riding the Donkey Carriage

Are you guilty of this? A new literary term is needed. It's something we're all guilty of, but are rarely willing to admit to. We'll make excuses or get all defensive about it, because it makes us look like lazy, illiterate zombies watching Walking Dead. I am guilty of it myself, despite my dedication to... Continue Reading →

Dear Editor: A Query for ‘Ages of Aenya’

Dear Editor, Ages of Aenya is ‘Naked and Afraid’ meets Homer meets Robert Heinlein, and the first in the fantasy genre to explore environmentalist themes from a true naturist’s perspective at c. 170,000 words. The back flap might go something like this: Discover a world shaped by cataclysm, with two moons and one Sea, where night... Continue Reading →

ANNOUNCING: The Princess of Aenya

  After 14 years, I am ready to work on something entirely new. Although my current novel, Ages of Aenya, was started in 2006 and written from scratch, the characters and the basic outline originated from The Dark Age of Enya. As you can imagine, fourteen years is a terribly long time to wait for a... Continue Reading →

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