Aenya News: 3/28/2014

Princess Radia Noora of Tyrnael My wife says my brain must be on fire. I am hard at work on the second novel set in the Aenya universe, The Princess of Aenya, and I am excited to announce plans for TWO more Aenya books. Tentatively titled, Skyclad Warriors, the direct sequel to Ages of Aenya will continue... Continue Reading →

Noora’s Song

I sing the Goddess that is in all, who gilds the wheat and sun born rye, who, in dreaming plains we seek her call In the greenwood, in the elms that fall from sundered root to shaken ply Her eternal verse brings breath to all In the hornèd moons that nightly rule her silver sisters... Continue Reading →

Inverted World

What the heck is that supposed to be?My Norwegian friend, who is studying to become a philosophy professor, is currently taking a Science Fiction and Philosophy course, and I am intensely jealous. Where was that class when I attended USF? Despite the anti-philosophy taboo trending or perceived to be trending in fiction these days (Harry Potter... Continue Reading →

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