Panther and the Bull

A lot of you may not know this, but I pretty much created The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, except that I called them The Panthers. It was a team of martial-arts superheroes that sometimes drove around in giant mech/robots. The leader was all in red, while his allies wore other primary colors, like blue and... Continue Reading →

JE SUIS CHARLIE and the Threat of Absolutism

The Prophet Mohammed?"I am Charlie," people are saying around the world, since the massacre of the twelve staffers who worked at Charlie Hebdo, the satirical Parisian periodical.I am not terribly political by any means, aside from my ritual viewing of The Daily Show and the late great The Colbert Report, but I have had first hand experience in... Continue Reading →

Is Nudism on the Decline?

In a word, NO.   It is a popular misconception that nudism is going the way of disco. These are the same people who believe the 60's were one big Woodstock/orgy fest. But one historian argues (whose name escapes me), with a list of charts and graphs, that people were actually a lot more conservative... Continue Reading →

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