Aenya News Update 3/26/2016

It's finally finished! After two and a half years of writing, I am proud to say I have a completed draft of the latest in the Aenya series, The Princess of Aenya. Call me melodramatic, but it's nice knowing I have two "good" books under my belt, so if I die suddenly, I will have left something on this planet to... Continue Reading →

The Quest for Literary Greatness

The greatness of literature cannot be determined solely by literary standards--- T.S. Eliot Was it crazy to believe in this? Many said it was.In her post, Top 10 Ways to get rejected by your dream agent, Barbara Rogan talks about fellow agent Pam van Hylckama Vlieg, who was attacked on her way to her car by... Continue Reading →

The Tao of Writing

For two decades, my family and friends have struggled to understand my need to tell stories, and to have those stories be recognized. They sometimes see it as just a need for approval, or praise, or fame. While praise does motivate me, what really drives me to write is much simpler: we who suffer from... Continue Reading →

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