The Princess of Aenya FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!


The writing business is tough.

If you love storytelling and are willing to put in the effort, you can probably churn out a decent yarn. Problem is: it’s nearly impossible to get noticed these days. Step out your front door, throw a pebble in a random direction, and you’ll hit an aspiring author. OK, maybe not, but it sure feels that way!

Life is not a meritocracy. We assume the best people get the job, because we want life to be fair, but more often than not, success is a matter of right people, right place, right time. George Lucas was born in California, went to school with Coppola and other great directors. Stan Lee was born in New York City, got a job as a mail clerk at Timely Comics, and only started making superheroes when the head writers at the company unexpectedly quit. If time or place had been different, we’d have no Luke Skywalker and no Spider-Man. Conversely, we are inundated with terrible storytelling for the same reasons.

Even if you’ve created, what you imagine will be, the next billion-dollar IP, it’s unlikely anyone (who has any influence) will discover it. A truly great book is like a diamond speck in the sand. I can promise you that The Princess of Aenya is special, an amazing story that you’ll cherish forever, but everyone says that about their book.

What writers need most are REVIEWS. That’s the only way to stand out, but it’s a Catch-22, because to get readers you need reviews, and to get reviews you need readers. Everyone I know so far has raved about The Princess of Aenya, including a German professor who contacted me out of the blue one day, and as of this post, I am sitting on four sets of five-stars on Goodreads, but that won’t impress the big name publishers.

So this is where YOU come in! I am so confident you will adore this story, and want to tell your friends and neighbors about it, that for a limited time, I am offering a select few a free copy of The Princess of Aenya!

Interested? Just fill out the questionnaire below and send it to

  1. My favorite book is __________________.
  2. My favorite literary genre is _________________.
  3. My second favorite literary genre is _______________.
  4. If you had to guess, how many books have you read in your lifetime?
    • a. 1-10
    • b. 11-50
    • c. 51-200
    • d. 200+
  5. I am *most* interested in this giveaway because (please pick one):
    • I am a fan of Aenya.
    • I am a naturist.
    • I like free things
    • I love good storytelling.
  6. If I enjoy The Princess of Aenya, I am likely to leave a review (Y/N).
  7. I have an account with Amazon (Y/N).
  8. I have an account with Goodreads (Y/N).
  9. If you are on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms, please provide your user names/handles.
  10. Please provide the following: Name / Mailing Address / E-Mail

I eagerly await your responses! Thank You!

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