Reading Challenge: 1 Day, 1 Book

One of my many challenges, as a striving author, is figuring out what people read and why. Why is Game of Thrones so popular, for instance? Is it mainly due to the TV show?┬áNo doubt, cross promotions boost sales, but HBO would not have spent millions bringing the book to life without an established fan... Continue Reading →

Ages of Aenya Book Trailer!

When I was a kid, I used to play what I called "episodes". Suffering from the writer's disease at a tender young age, and with no time to get all the stories constantly popping into my head on paper, I resorted to the medium of toys. I did not know another kid who did this;... Continue Reading →

Is "Tarzan" Racist?

Long before Superman and Batman became household names, there was Tarzan. Originally published in 1914, Tarzan predates Superman by a good twenty-four years. In many ways, he is the first superhero. Children growing up in the '20s and '30s were as familiar with the ape-man as the most beloved DC/Marvel characters of today. He appeared... Continue Reading →

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