Ages of Aenya Book Trailer!


When I was a kid, I used to play what I called “episodes”. Suffering from the writer’s disease at a tender young age, and with no time to get all the stories constantly popping into my head on paper, I resorted to the medium of toys. I did not know another kid who did this; everything was laid out in advance, like a storyboard running in my head. I knew what characters were to be featured, what they would be doing, and what their dialogue would be. Most of the time, I was alone and trapped in my house, so I had to act out every part, pitching high notes for Skeletor, deepening to a manly drawl for He-Man, or scratching my throat for Cobra Commander. I must admit, Soundwave from Transformers was the ultimate challenge. But here’s where the crazy comes in: I was not only the writer, director and actor of my own Robot Chicken, but also the camera, recording everything in my head; so even though I didn’t actually have a camera, if anyone uttered a word while I was playing, I became furious, because they were “ruining the scene” and I would have to start all over. 

Times sure have changed. As technology advances, my parents fears that I may have been prone to schizophrenia are no more. Thanks to Apple, most kids nowadays plays the same way I did in the 80’s, except that now they actually have cameras and are actually recording something! My nine and four year old, along with her friends, use the iPad to make Shopkins videos. YouTube is full of kids and their toys doing the same. If only I had such technology at their age!

My kids love these things . . . for some reason.

Recently, my nine year old insisted I buy her this new video app, which I was reluctant to buy, since she already has so many. But this program was impressive (as you’ll soon see); she even enticed me with the possibility of making a book trailer. 

Now, for professional use, this is very limited; it’s designed mostly for kids, to be as user friendly as possible. You are limited by a small set of music and graphics, and what’s more, can’t even choose the video’s run time or the number of shots or the length of those shots. All I could do is write a bit of text and then drop images into the predetermined slots. Looking at these limitations, I told her it just wasn’t going to work out, much to her disappointment, but later that night I was determined to make something of it, and the end result, I think, is promising. I have always wanted to make use of YouTube and I think, with better artwork and a better program, I could make something really special. This is just a “proof of concept”. So without further ado, I give you the first of many, the Ages of Aenya Book Trailer:


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  1. It is ironic, I admit, but the app isn't geared to kids alone. I think it's just an easy to use app that anyone can use. Besides, the nudity in my book is innocent, and not intended to be sexual in any way!


  2. Nudity is nudity. Would you want your daughter to be paraded naked in front of men. In this day and age, I doubt it, there are creeps and predators everywhere. Nudism is a choice but children should be sheltered until the age of majority when they can make the decision on their own.

    And I doubt you'd want your daughter to see you naked or if you have a son you want him to see his mother naked.


  3. This comment is actually pretty funny. It's funny if you knew anything about me or my family life, or how I grew up. For a better idea, I suggest you read some of the articles on Naturism I have written. Children are born naturists; I have never had to teach them anything about it. I simply did not teach them shame, or that there was anything wrong with their bodies. I have learned from personal experience that being raised with shame, and always equating the human body with sex, is damaging.


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