Definition: Retord

Retord: 1: (v) To feign interest in the subject of the person with whom you are speaking, in order to express your own, personal, unrelated subject.   2: (v) To respond in such a way as to put forward your own thoughts, feelings or ideas without acknowledging the thoughts, feelings or ideas of the person with whom you are speaking.      Example, "After... Continue Reading →

The Face of Radia

For the past two years, I have been working on my latest novel, The Princess of Aenya, inspired by such classics as The Last Unicorn and The Never Ending Story; with a touch of Miyazaki and Game of Thrones thrown in for good measure. The book revolves around a young woman named Radia "Noora." Her beauty is a big part of her character, but far... Continue Reading →

Are You a Troll?

There is no more wretched creature than a troll. When a troll looks in the mirror, he hates everything that he sees. This self-hatred extends to whomever they encounter, manifesting as spite and envy. "If I am not good at anything," their reasoning goes, "I'll discourage anyone who is." Born of self-loathing, trolls thrive on hate, and are particularly adept at inducing pain with... Continue Reading →

One Dead Child is One Too Many

The Art of Storytelling

What matters most to you? What matters most to you?

People who worry more about their toys than a child’s life, quite frankly scare me, and I sure as hell don’t want a wave of fanatics protesting my blog. At the same time, my conscious is not letting me sleep at night. Since the Newtown massacre, I feel it is my moral obligation to do something, to contribute my voice to the growing chorus that is saying enough if enough!

The problem with guns in America is a problem with the gun debate itself. Solving gun violence is not a liberal or conservative issue, nor is it a freedom vs. tyranny issue, but an issue of common sense. Nobody wants more children to die, right or left. I think we can all agree on this. Our focus should be on reducing these crimes. But I find it simply appalling, that so many who side with the NRA, shrug their shoulders and accept these massacres as inevitable, as if more children…

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Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress!

Since 2010, Google has been good to me. HTML was not designed with writers in mind, so after struggling with AOL and FTP space and wandering margins, Blogger was a dream come true. Using Blogger, I could write directly on to the page, publish it, and make edits with ease! And without resorting to click-bait sensationalism, I reached 200,000 views. In Philosophy, I... Continue Reading →

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