The City of the Drowned (Free Novella Download)


For Halloween this year, I wanted to offer my readers something special, The City of the Drowned, a free to read Lovecraftian/nautical-adventure, starring Xandr, Thelana and Emma!

What is this story, you ask? Originally, it was conceived of as a sequel to my first Aenya novel, The Dark Age of Enya, but in 2012 I turned it into a standalone story. Here’s a synopsis:

Xandr, Thelana and Emma are forced into a civil war between two seafaring city states. To legitimize the rule of their captor, Queen Frazetta, they must venture into the ruins of a drowned city, where tens of thousands once perished. Should they manage to find the relics they need, their 50-oared ship, Mare Nostrum, may never find port, as one-by-one the crew meets with death, from being stabbed in the neck by a quill to being engulfed by flames, to being disemboweled by undead demons of the deep. Our trio of conscripted heroes, all the while, must overcome both the curse of a doomed city and their mad zealot captain.

Download the complete PDF novella for FREE

[The City of the Drowned]

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