Telling My Father’s Story

Arthur Alimonos in NYC, 1952One day my father called me at work to tell me about Bill Clinton's new autobiography. "He made 10 million dollars!" he told me. "You see, that's what people want to read, true stories!" For decades, my father has harped on me about how people don't want "fake" stories. In his... Continue Reading →

Rejection Roller Coaster

You know, it's strange, because getting these is a lot like a roller coaster, in a bad way, because I am not too fond of sudden ups and downs. It's remarkable to think with how little ceremony it sits there, with all the other garbage from your mailbox, a plain white envelope on the kitchen counter... Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Advocate: Melodrama is Good!

In the 2004 film, Troy, Achilles kills Hector after a climactic battle, and Andromache, beset by grief for the death of her husband, basically does . . . nothing. The actress gives a performance of subdued shock, blinking heavily before slacking against the parapet wall. This is in stark contrast to the way Homer describes the... Continue Reading →

Editor: The Most Powerful Blade

  There are many powerful swords in the fantasy world: Excalibur, Icingdeath and Twinkle, the Sword of Omens, Emmaxis, the +5 vorpal sword of annihilation---but none compare to the mightiest blade of all, Editor.  Editor can do more than kill a character; it can wipe out entire cities, whole civilizations, threads of reality from ever having existed at all! Such is the... Continue Reading →

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