Contests and "The Ballad of Titian and Midiana"

The first story I wrote for Mrs. Ciresi’s Creative Writing class at USF was called The Post Office. When I was done reading it, many of my classmates urged me to submit it to a contest, and stupid me thought that would be a waste of time. Now, ten years later, I deeply regret that decision.

I was never much for short fiction. It’s difficult to tell an adventure story in few words, and since I mostly write adventures, I don’t have many stories short enough for contests. But I have a few shorter, non-adventure stories that I am proud of, namely The Window and The Ballad of Titian and Midiana

I am not sure if I should send the latter since it’s quite melodramatic, and melodrama isn’t in vogue these days. If H.P. Lovecraft and Homer got together to write a story, it would go something like The Ballad of Titian and Midiana. It is essentially a retelling of the Greek Medusa myth, but unlike more recent adaptations as in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or Clash of the Titans, the snake haired monster is not an obstacle for the hero to overcome. Instead, I have gone back to the original myth about a priestess transformed into a monster after an illicit love affair, retelling the story from the perspective of the lovers. It is a romantic tragedy and a sympathetic monster story ala Frankenstein. For the purposes of the contest, I’m considering changing the title to include the word Medusa, like, A Medusa Story, something like that.

If you haven’t read either The Window or The Ballad of Titian and Midiana, let me know what you think before it goes off to the judges.

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