Publish or Die Trying

Everything seems impossible until you do it.   When I was a kid, I often dreamed of going to the post office with a large stack of printed pages to drop in the mail, to await a response from a publisher. If rejected, I would do it again, and again, until someone out there finally recognized my... Continue Reading →

Aenya News Update 3/26/2016

It's finally finished! After two and a half years of writing, I am proud to say I have a completed draft of the latest in the Aenya series, The Princess of Aenya. Call me melodramatic, but it's nice knowing I have two "good" books under my belt, so if I die suddenly, I will have left something on this planet to... Continue Reading →

The City of the Drowned Short Story -Book Review

I was surprised the other day to receive feedback for, “The City of the Drowned,” a novella I wrote back in 2006. Never fully completed, I abandoned the story for a number of reasons, namely, because it was originally intended as a sequel to “The Dark Age of Enya,” which I was no longer promoting, and secondly, because I felt I had moved on as a writer. The rewrite, “Ages of Aenya,” I am told, is vastly superior. Still, it’s great to receive affirmations of your abilities, even for something that is incomplete and written long ago!

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 Hedonian trireme at sunrise Hedonian trireme at sunrise

Finneas Ryder
Book Review
Short Story
The City of the Drowned
Nick Alimonos

I was excited to receive this short story to review this month. I had read some of Mr. Alimonos’ work before, but admittedly it was just in bits and pieces and I had never completed any of his full works. It was not because I didn’t appreciate his style or concept, it was because I wasn’t allowing myself time to read for pleasure. Well let me say this off the bat, that was a huge mistake on my part.

I have to say that the science fiction and fantasy genre has always been one of my favorite styles of writing. I enjoy the true escapism that the genre allows the reader when it is well thought out and written. The City of the Drowned is a perfect example of this. This piece…

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ANNOUNCING: The Princess of Aenya

Today, I have finished the book I talk about in this post, “The Princess of Aenya,” after two and a half years of work! It is roughly 123,000 words. For the most part, I am happy with the way it turned out.

The Art of Storytelling

More specific art to come!

After 14 years, I am ready to work on something entirely new. Although my current novel, Ages of Aenya, was started in 2006 and written from scratch, the characters and the basic outline originated from The Dark Age of Enya. As you can imagine, fourteen years is a terribly long time to wait for a new book, and an even bigger age gap when you consider I was 24 and now 38. In 1999, when I first posted the short story He-Man fanfic, The City by the Sea, which became The Dark Age of Enya much the way Fifty Shades of Grey started as a Twilight fanfic, I was still single and living with my parents. Today I own a home, a business, and am married 12 years with daughters ages 3 and 8. When I created Xandr, he was my age…

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The Nomad: Chapter 7

Part II: The Search Chapter 7 When Seline was kidnapped, I first thought to find her by catching the ships before they docked. I had learned that Iuz came from a land far south, a land known as Nin… Source: The Nomad: Chapter 7

The Nomad: Chapter 7

Part II: The Search Chapter 7 When Seline was kidnapped, I first thought to find her by catching the ships before they docked. I had learned that Iuz came from a land far south, a land known as Ninevah. However, to reach Ninevah, Iuz’ ships would have to dock first in Crete and then Aegyptos. I knew... Continue Reading →

The Nomad: Chapter 6

Disclaimer: This is a love story and an adventure, a modern take on The Odyssey, set in a mythological past where all of the world’s pantheons coexist. It is my first full-length novel, which I wrote in high school circa 1993.  The Nomad represents a much younger and less experienced Nick Alimonos, but also, a writer who was more passionate, confident, and brash. If you can get past all of... Continue Reading →

Dear Agent

Sometimes, the greatest art lays hidden, because the people who create it are born too early, or because they're misunderstood, or because they simply do not fit neatly into what categories came before. We have seen this often enough. Van Gogh. Melville. Sometimes, brilliance is lost to wrong-time, wrong-place. John Kennedy Toole. Emily Dickinson. I am fully cognizant of how... Continue Reading →

Fiction by Nick Alimonos

A lot of people can say they were creative at a very young age. What kid doesn’t enjoy drawing and coloring or writing the occasional story? This doesn’t mean we all grow up to become P… Source: Fiction by Nick Alimonos

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