The City of the Drowned Short Story -Book Review

I was surprised the other day to receive feedback for, “The City of the Drowned,” a novella I wrote back in 2006. Never fully completed, I abandoned the story for a number of reasons, namely, because it was originally intended as a sequel to “The Dark Age of Enya,” which I was no longer promoting, and secondly, because I felt I had moved on as a writer. The rewrite, “Ages of Aenya,” I am told, is vastly superior. Still, it’s great to receive affirmations of your abilities, even for something that is incomplete and written long ago!

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 Hedonian trireme at sunrise Hedonian trireme at sunrise

Finneas Ryder
Book Review
Short Story
The City of the Drowned
Nick Alimonos

I was excited to receive this short story to review this month. I had read some of Mr. Alimonos’ work before, but admittedly it was just in bits and pieces and I had never completed any of his full works. It was not because I didn’t appreciate his style or concept, it was because I wasn’t allowing myself time to read for pleasure. Well let me say this off the bat, that was a huge mistake on my part.

I have to say that the science fiction and fantasy genre has always been one of my favorite styles of writing. I enjoy the true escapism that the genre allows the reader when it is well thought out and written. The City of the Drowned is a perfect example of this. This piece…

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