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Fan mail is crucial to my job. It helps promote my work and allows me a glimpse into readers’ hearts, so that I can better shape my stories in ways people will enjoy. If you have enjoyed anything I have written over the years, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at!



There are a thousand praises I could sing here, and with your permission, I’d love to at least give my friend Frank Beddor a sample of your novel to review, or perhaps put you in touch directly with him. But for now, here is the edit for Book One. I was determined to complete the work before Thanksgiving, in hope that you might have a little down time to review my suggested changes. In truth, I devoted this last week and a half solely to the completion of the edit, not because we are on a deadline, as I know you aren’t concerned with a timeline on this, but because I simply couldn’t stop! The prose is intelligent, poetic but often nicely spare/concise, and full of emotion. A true pleasure, and even if you don’t take me on for Books 2 and 3, I will read forward on my own because I simply must know what happens next . . .

All best,

Published Version Available?
from Enclave2277

I read the sample chapters of your story and I simply adore it! Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find more than the first four chapters.

I understand that you want to be paid for your content and that’s fine. I’d gladly pay for it. However, the problem is: I can’t find the published version anywhere. Did I miss something obvious? Or is it simply not published at all?

Hynde Belahsen  Awesome book. I really enjoyed reading it …

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You’ve shared such a special place with me. I think by now, you understand how much I appreciate all the wonderful stories you’ve given me […] It’s been such an enjoyable experience to explore Aenya artistically […] Especially for the past few years, it’s been such a relief to leave my own troubles behind and take a journey into such a magical place, even if it’s only sparingly. I’ve spied on some of Aenya’s residents most private moments, taken trips to the local tavern or blacksmith’s shop to learn more about the various cultures, and gone on more than my share of safaris discovering it’s wildlife.

—David P.

“Tobias Thölken”
Mar 20 (5 days ago)

to me

Woooh, I am finally done with it. Impressing, really. [Beta reader comment, after finishing a rough draft of The Princess of Aenya.]

What I will say, is that I was disappointed that the story ended when it did. It left me wanting more, which I believe is the sign of a great author. I look forward to reading more from Nick Alimonos and I hope you take the time to look him up and see for yourself!

Finneas Ryder                                                                                                      

Travolore 1 day ago Hobbyist Writer

Beautiful as always [in reference to Thelana artwork]. I have to ask though where can I get a copy of the written work that goes with it? I’ve found parts on your blog but not the whole thing.

T__________d c via

May 26

Hi Nick,

I came across your web-site thru links from some naturist blogs I enjoy reading. I really like your work….its well written and captivating. Is there someplace I can purchase your books?


to: “”
date: Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 5:50 PM

subject: Dejah and Thelana

Dear Mr. Alimonos,

Awhile back I was reading about Edgar Rice Burroughs, his stories and life, and his beautiful Princess of Mars, Dejah Thoris. It was when I was reading about her . . . that I encountered your equally brave and beautiful adventurer, Thelana (and Xandr, as well). From there I went on to read about your epic work, “Ages of Aenya”, and it’s naturist heroes.

I’m 62, and I’ve enjoyed heroic fantasy stories for decades. Burroughs, Howard, Tolkien and more. If it weren’t for the fact that I need cataract surgery, I’d be reading more than I currently do. However, when that surgery is accomplished, I plan to enter the world of Aenya and immerse myself in it. For the moment, I can read up about it online. However, in any event I wish you the greatest success with your masterpiece.

I’m an indoor naturist, and have enjoyed Nudism since I was young. I, too, wondered why Tarzan wore a loincloth in his jungle home with Jane and Boy. Obviously, MGM and the Hays office would’ve frowned on Maureen O’Sullivan (Jane) doing her chores in the nude, but I like to think that she did on occasion.

Plus, I wasn’t aware until recently that the inhabitants of Burroughs’ Barsoom went about with little or nothing on. I’m one of the few fans of the 2012 film, “John Carter”.. but I now realize how far from the original story the movie strayed.

Hopefully, your story will find it’s way onto the big screen one day…intact and the way you envision it. As a classic Disney animation fan, I can see it in the style of Sleeping Beauty, but with naturist heroes finding new adventures and saving their world, along the way. By the way, I’m an Enya fan, too.

Thank you and best wishes.
David Welbourne


OK. I stumbled onto your fiction from deviant art. You have just destroyed my evening. I am thoroughly engrossed in Aenya now. I need to know more about Thelana and Xandr, need to know more about the world, and am downright angry you haven’t posted more. Now I see on the blog that you are trying to get published; so my question is when and where can I pre-order?

You HAVE to get published. I’ve been looking for years for fantasy that is different. I’m tired of boy-wizards, Tolkien pastiches and Conan knock-offs. Give me fantasy that says something. Science-fiction is defined by its social commentary, but fantasy is limited to saying “evil” is “bad”. Considering they have the whole generation that grew up reading Harry Potter, you figure they would publish more and different fiction in order to keep that audience…

So thank you Nick for writing something different and damn you for making me wait to read it.

June 5, 2013 at 7:19 PM

Matthew Larkin <>
Jul 17

When will AoA be released? I can’t find a date on Google. I’m going crazy! I can’t wait! Great work so far!

Sent from my iPhone

Collin Stoltz <> Nov 4, 2013

Dear Mister Alimonos,

I am an American college student with a slight penchant for the “Masters of the Universe” franchise as well as for H.P. Lovecraft. I discovered your fiction through a website which contained what seems to be an early version of the first three chapters of Ages of Aenya. The whole plot seemed to be a fascinating re-telling of Lovecraft’s “The Doom That Came To Sarnath.”

Your work looks to be what Tolkien called “Work of the Heart” and I respect your dedication to it, and to your morals and the way you stick to your guns on the naturist nature of your heroes. Very commendable! But I digress.

Basically, I liked what I had read and decided I wanted to read more of it. To that end I looked you up and discovered that you had written and self-published a little-known novel called “The Dark Age of Enya,” which I resolved to buy. However, before I could do that I discovered that there was a version two called “Ages of Aenya” which was presumably much better revised. I know that as an aspiring writer myself I sure prefer for people to read my fiction AFTER I consider it fully revised, not before. In addition, the information you’ve posted on your “World of Aenya” blog just makes me more curious.

Right, here’s the question I’m sure you’ve heard a million times. Is “Ages of Aenya” going to be published any time soon? I would absolutely buy it in a heart-beat, or pre-order it. Hate to bother you, I’m sure you’re very busy with your own life, but I’d really like to be certain and some of your blog posts leave me less than sure.

– Collin Stoltz (mild-mannered college student)

PS: If it isn’t currently slated for publication, I’ll keep an eye on your blog!

Living Xandr!
from Ty

I love your characters and the world you’ve created. You also get some amazing commissions. I can’t wait to see what comes next and learn more about Aenya.

Thank you for doing the awesome work you do.


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