From the Mind of an 11 Year Old Boy: Thangar 2: Chapter 8

Author’s Notes: No thoughts tonight—just read the exciting conclusion!

Thangar 2
Chapter 8

Thangar was more equipped than ever because he now had two power swords and a gold, magical medallion. He pressed forward to his goal, Zarack’s Throne Room, with great anger, slashing the large door in front of him and fearlessly entering.

“It’s over, Zarack! Your time has ended,” Thangar boasted.

“Ha! You are no match for my alien power,” said Zarack, as an electro beam blasted from his hands.

Thangar blocked with his swords and then tied a rope to one sword and threw it at a skull on the wall, using it to swing across the fire pit. Zarack blasted the rope in two but Thangar flipped across the chasm, sticking his swords into the side of the cliff. 

Hanging to the narrow cliff, he started to climb, step by step, by sticking his swords into the stone. From the top, Zarack blasted electricity downwards. Thangar crossed sideways, dodging the beams. Zarack fired again and Thangar absorbed the electricity with his sword and threw it upward, stabbing Zarack and shooting his electro beam back at him!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRH!!!” Zarack cried in pain. “You fool, you cannot stop me!”

While Zarack was hurting, Thangar climbed to the top and flipped backwards onto the ledge, near the door leading to the dragon. Thangar quickly entered the door, avoiding another shot from Zarack, saying, “Phew! I’m safe now . . .”

He then heard a noise and turned.

“Holy cow! It’s . . . it’s . . . it’s the dragon!”


It’s Polykephalos, the Three-Headed!

He cowardly turned to run away, but was blocked by Zarack, face-to-face. Quickly, he ducked an electro beam and Zarack accidentally shot the dragon. Thangar stood up and stabbed Zarack.

Zarack was stuck to the sword, and Thangar carried him over to the pit and kicked him down it. Zarack would fall forever.

Thangar ignored him now and turned to face the dragon! 

He lifted a shield stolen from a knight, and blocked the fire bursting from the dragon’s mouth. He then got out the medallion and it magically floated to the dragon’s middle head. Amazingly, a beam surrounded the dragon. The earth started to shake. Thangar ran and slashed the door behind the dragon. A girl was standing there.

“Come, woman, I have come to rescue you!” Thangar yelled. Together, they ran out of the castle and suddenly . . .


The entire castle crumbled under the magic of the medallion. The princess turned, saying, “Thank you for saving me.”

“Do not worry; I am Thangar the Mighty. But do not give credit to me for saving you. Give credit to Sint.” And Thangar’s heart was set. 

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