Ages of Aenya Query #5

Condensing 157,000 words into one page is not an easy task. Ages of Aenya is a complex story, an adventure full of monsters, exotic locations, and heroes with their own passions and insecurities. It is a book, I believe, that can be read on multiple levels, as a straightforward fantasy epic, as a tale of environmentalism and prejudice, or on a deeper level, what I consider the naturist aspect, a commentary on how a society loses its humanity in the pursuit of power. I often feel that the book’s greatest strength, its complexity and uniqueness, is what makes it so difficult to query. All of my favorite books belie conventional description. Saying Dune is a book about a desert planet and giant worms is to do Frank Herbert’s masterpiece a disservice, or to describe Moby Dick as a book about a man hunting a whale is to be missing the point. So, too, does describing Ages of Aenya as a story of naked people fighting monsters, though not inaccurate, greatly diminish it.

One agent recently wrote to me, “your idea holds promise”—but of course, it wasn’t the kind of work they represent. I greatly appreciated her politeness and can only wonder whether she sends the same response to all of her queries; but what bugged me was the use of the word “idea”. I realize there are people out there who do not actually write books, just queries for books. Simply coming up with a book idea, rather than an actual story, is infinitely easier, which must explain the ridiculous things I find at Barnes & Nobles these days, like the book I picked up yesterday entitled, “I’m Smarter than Your Kid”, which was nothing more than a collection of young kids drawings with some jerk criticizing each picture in the margins (as a form of humor?). When I see things like that, I just want to scream, “How in the world does this get published!” But I suppose it was a unique idea. Of course, I like to consider myself a writer in the traditional sense, so as hard as it may be, I am going to stick to writing novels whether I know there will be a market for it or not. I do not believe any masterpiece of fiction was ever written based on a single sentence idea. Another agent wrote saying that she really enjoyed what I sent her, but again, not her department. Does that mean I am getting closer? Who knows. But this latest query, no. #5 by my count, gives the best impression of Ages of Aenya so far. I will be sending it to publishers soon, so if you’re one of my fans and you are reading this, don’t be lazy. I know there are a lot of funny things on, but really, what does any of that stuff matter after you’re done laughing? Read the query below and ask yourself, is this something I would want to read? Does this sound exciting/interesting to you? Keep me posted!

Dear Publisher,

As the natural paradise they knew turns to desolation, Xandr and Thelana roam the lands of Aenya, their primeval traditions met with suspicion and scorn. But only the Ilmar remember—through generations of song—the cataclysm that split the world into eternal day and perpetual night, and only a boy born into the stewardship of their people, a Batal, can hope to save Aenya from future ruin.

Based on the illustrious authors you represent, I feel you will be interested in my novel, Ages of Aenya, which offers an eclectic mix of fantasy and science fiction at 157,000 words.

To save the beautiful Thelana—the last woman of his kind—Xandr battles angry zealots, amphibians out for vengeance, and ego-maniacal bird people. But when a star falls from the heavens, laying waste to cities, Xandr and Thelana discover that a new Dark Age is upon them. With Emma, a young witch who communicates with ravens, and Grimosse, Emma’s golem, the Ilmar hunt a construct of flesh and steel—Horde—born of the civilization that doomed their world eons ago. But can these unlikely allies decipher their history, resurrect the Batal from the pages of myth, and stop Horde before mankind’s extinction?

About Me: It is no exaggeration to say that a writing career has been my life’s goal since I was six years old. At the age of nine, I visited DC Comics Headquarters in New York City to sell The Red Panther series. To further hone my writing skills, I attended the University of South Florida, where I received my BA in Creating Writing. My recent short story, The Gorgon’s Lover, was selected a semifinalist for the Mary Shelley Wollstonecraft Award. Curious? Learn more about me and the world of Aenya at: or read the Prologue here.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Nick Alimonos


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  1. Nick, nice work. I've already posted my comments on your Facebook account. Well, I'm off for Gorgon's lover, can't wait to get my eyes on your stuff…


  2. Hey, I like this letter much better than your past attempts! I feel like it presents the world of Aenya in a way the others failed to do. This one seems more more personal and less droll than some of the previous attempts. I hope the publishers enjoy it's uniqueness as much as I do. Good luck!


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