Rejection Form Letter

Thank you very much for providing us with the chance to read your novel. We are sorry to say that at this time we don’t feel it is right for Amazing Fantasy Publications. Please be assured that your work received thorough and fair consideration. We looked for elves, dwarfs or dragons, but could find none in your story. We also noticed a lack of wizards or characters who grow up to become wizards. At the very least, we would have accepted a rogue type character, particularly one with a hood over his face, who walks a fine line between hero and villain. Our focus groups have found that readers are frightened by new or different perspectives, which is why we at Amazing Fantasy Publications cater only to authors working within market approved subject matters. For future consideration, we suggest looking at our current lineup of titles. Be sure to check out our new horror/romance section, featuring vampire/teenage girl, vampire high school girl/werewolf college student, and the latest in this exciting new series, gay zombie bondage executive/gay young virgin secretary with lots of spanking. We wish you the best of luck with your writing career, and thank you again for thinking of us.

Amazing Fantasy Publications

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