Top Nine Posts of 2013

Before 2013 ends, I wanted to highlight what posts I feel most proud of for the year.

Kurzweil’s Future? No thanks . . . : I challenge the assumption that increases in technology will make us happier in the future. While advances in science bring about improvements in our lives, they inevitably create new problems never imagined.

So You Want to Write a Novel . . . : This is my approach to novel writing. I also discuss the challenges writers face when tackling their first novel.

One Dead Child is One Too Many: After the Newtown massacre this year, I felt morally obligated to weigh in on the gun debate.

The Heroic Nude: Attitudes toward the unclothed body have changed drastically throughout history. The Ancient Greek concept of the ‘heroic nude’ helped shape and advance their culture and the human race as a whole.

Who is God?: The title speaks for itself, but the answer is not what people of faith expect, nor quite as simple as what atheists contend.

The Missing Surah: After my trip to Morocco, I reveal how extreme attitudes regarding nudity and the female body in Islamic society harms women.

I am Walter White (and so are you): Of the greatest shows to grace the television screen is also one of the best works of fiction. I weigh in on the character of Walter White and the hit series Breaking Bad.

Amanda Todd, Bullying, and the Power of Naked Shame: In this age of social media, the nudity taboo has become a tool for bullies to use against impressionable teen girls.

Why We Love the Hobbit: I discuss the works of Tolkien but specifically The Hobbit in an attempt to unveil the secret behind its popularity.

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