The Secret to Becoming a Great Author

What’s the secret to becoming a great author? Here’s a little hint: it’s no secret. Yes, this title is clickbait. If you see a YouTube video or Master Class offering a quick and easy way to literary fame and fortune, they’re selling you snake oil. Like it or not, it’s a long, hard climb to the top, a pinnacle built over a hill of garbage—garbage you’ll inevitably have to produce before achieving something worthy of a book lover’s time.

In this podcast episode, I share some of the trash produced by my own pen and keyboard, embarrassing snippets from my early life as a struggling storyteller.

Please give it a listen and a share, and implore all your friends and family to do the same. Thanks!

A Girl Called Wolf and Other Tales Story Matters

  1. A Girl Called Wolf and Other Tales
  2. Artificial Intelligence: Better Than Us
  3. Cloud Cuckoo Land is a Masterpiece
  4. The Sorry State of Indie Publishing

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