From the Mind of an 11 Year Old Boy: Thangar 2: Chapter 2

Author’s Notes: Editing a story I wrote in 1986 has been a unique challenge. How many mistakes do I keep? How much do I change? From the start, my intent has been to preserve as much of the original as possible with the least amount of editing (spelling and grammar have been corrected). In this way, I hope to offer you, the reader, a glimpse into my 11 yo brain.

Thangar II

Chapter 2

Sint and Thangar made the perfect team. Hand in hand, with the might of their power swords, they traveled through many lands in search of their enemy. On the road, Sint explained to Thangar their deadly mission to save his princess, who had been captured by Zarack, an evil being from “the realm of stars”. Zarack, Sint told him, with the help of his three-headed dragon, Polykephalos, forced the Kingdom of Palantine under evil rule. The dragon was their symbol.  Sint was just married to the princess when she’d been captured, which is why he made so daring an attempt to go on this quest. 

At night, Thangar and Sint rested. Sint talked about how he loved his princess and how grateful he was for Thangar’s help. He mentioned how he could not live without her, and would die trying to rescue her. 

By morning, Thangar and Sint traveled through Shadow Pass to the Enchanted Mountains. Sint told Thangar that the enemy’s castle lay beyond. He had a map of the castle and knew they had to pass the jousters of the Deckronian Knights, the archers, and the castle’s catapults. 

The tension was drawing nearer as they got nearer to the castle.   

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