From the Mind of an 11 Year Old Boy: Thangar 2: Chapter 3

Author’s Notes: When I started this crazy project, I went into it blindly. I honestly don’t remember this story, but I am finding out about it as I edit it. I feel I must apologize for the level of violence in this chapter—and in this story in general. When I was growing up, I was exposed to many violent movies and TV shows, and unfortunately, my early writing was influenced more by these mediums than by books (this still affects my style, which can often be excessively literal). There was a time when I believed, without really thinking about it, that the only conflict resolution was violent resolution—that the climax of any good story was a fight. 

Also of note: The binder where I found Thangar 2 featured many drawings by me, so many of the characters mentioned here (like Tull and Racklor) have no description, since the drawings did the job. I will try to post these in the future.   

Thangar II 
Chapter 3

They finally reached the Enchanted Mountains knowing the enemy was near. They drew their swords, prepared for battle, and soon saw the Deckronian Knights rushing to attack them. Sint and Thangar clashed swords and started sword fighting. Sint took on twenty men while Thangar, being the better warrior, took on thirty. Their powerful swords slashed the guards’ defenses, cutting the enemy shields and swords in two. Weaponless, but still with armor, the evil knights fled. Thangar slashed through their armor, killing them before they could return with more weapons. The knights were obviously outmatched. But then they sent their jousters in to attack. But, just like the knights, their spears were slashed and they were knocked off their horses. Even the jousters were useless.

When the battle was over, Thangar and Sint took their prize, two of the jousters’ horses, which would allow them to ride quickly toward the castle. But they still could not leave the mountains safely. They still had a more dangerous battle ahead, two obstacles named Tull and Racklor.

“What manner of beasts are these?” asked Thangar.

And Sint said, “Evil creatures which we will see more of in the future.”

They did not talk long. Sint started to fight Racklor, while Thangar dodged Tull’s fireballs. Sint’s feet were swept off the ground by Racklor’s tail and then Racklor went to stab him. But Sint dodged the blades and stood back up. Sint slashed Racklor’s blades and stabbed Racklor.

Meanwhile, Thangar had more trouble fighting Tull. Tull swept down to the ground and his claws scratched Thangar’s skin. Thangar bled but fought on, even as Tull’s fireballs kept coming. Sint saw this and ran to a dead knight, taking up a shield and throwing it to Thangar. Thangar used the shield to block the fireballs. Seeing that his fireballs were now useless, Tull swept down for another claw attack. This time, Thangar ducked and when Tull came back up, he cut off his wings.

Tull plunged to the ground and Thangar made a final blow, killing him.

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