Quest for the Talismans: Characters!

Want to be a pirate? A ninja? A princess? How about a pirate ninja princess? It doesn’t really matter. Anything you can imagine, you can be. Anything you can think of, you can do. This is what I love about tabletop gaming. You don’t have to worry about developers (you are the developer!) or copyright infringement either. Over the years, my friends and I have role played everything from demons storming the gates of Heaven (we chose heavy metal band names for our demons) to Marvel Superheroes to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Tabletop RPG’s takes what I love about fiction and turns it into a game.

The characters in QFTT started out simply enough, a generic lot including a knight, a rogue, a prince and a princess. The fun part came from all of the outlandish ideas we came up with for what they could do. This is where skills come into play. Once, my nephew, using the pirate, wanted to hijack another character and sell him as a slave in town. I figured, why not? On Deadliest Warrior, I learned about a ninja weapon I had never heard of before: the black egg. Basically, the ninja fills a duck egg with broken glass, seals it up with black paint, and throws it in the face of his enemies to blind them. Wow. Guess what special new weapon my ninja got for our next gaming session? This is just to give you an idea of what infinite possibilities means and why I miss tabletop gaming so much.

The character system I have devised improves on D&D in a number of ways. 1) There are less numbers, so the game is easier to play and teach. Superfluous or redundant stats got the ax. Do we really need Wisdom and Intelligence? Dexterity and Reflex? 2) The numbers make more sense. I could never wrap my head around a knight fighting a dragon. How exactly does a six foot human take down a three hundred foot animal? And how does a shield or a helmet help defend against a foot the size of an oak tree? In QFTT, things work differently. When fighting a giant, you have to get the hell out of the way or get crushed, which is why AGILITY matters more when tackling giants. 3) The skill system enables players to do whatever they can imagine—so even though there is less complexity, there is also more possibility.

Now that I have switched over to WordPress, I can offer the complete QUEST FOR THE TALISMANS BOARD GAME for free as a downloadable PDF file!

Quest for the Talismans 5.0

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