BETA READERS for "The Princess of Aenya"

I am calling all beta readers to help make “The Princess of Aenya” the greatest book it can be. Similar to a video game play tester, a beta reader helps authors as they work, reading chapters and giving feedback. The author can then consider the feedback and make corrections.

Sounds nice, you say, but what’s in it for me? Well, just imagine you were a beta reader for Harry Potter or Game of Thrones or The Hunger Games? Imagine, a decade from now, as you are sitting in a movie theater waiting for The Princess of Aenya to start, you can turn to your friends and say, “You know, I helped this thing get made. I was there from the beginning. Originally, Nick Alimonos was going to ____________, but I suggested that he _____________.” How cool would that be? Aside from impressing your friends, give me feedback until the end of the book, and you can see your name in print in the acknowledgments page! You’ll be immortal! What’s better than that? OK, if the promise of immortality seems dubious, at least you’ll get a sneak peak into the next Aenya story, and that in itself is reward enough, methinks.

So what do I have to do, you ask? Well, not anyone can be a beta reader. As a beta reader, you will have exclusive access to sensitive material, stuff that might end up for free on the Internet if I am not careful, so there is a vetting process. To apply for this honored position, simply fill out the form below (you can cut and paste it or just retype it):

My Name is: _______________________

E-mail address: _____________________

Facebook/Other social media sites I frequent: _____________________________

The last book I read was: ________________________, which I read on, DD/MM/YY

My all time favorite book is: ______________________

I am interested in your book because: ____________________

You can e-mail me this information in private at:

Once you are entrusted as a beta reader, you will receive Chapter 1: Radia, in an e-mail, as a .doc file. After reading it, you will need to answer at least ONE of these questions:

1.) What I liked about this chapter is: _____________________

2.) What I did NOT like about this chapter: ___________________

3.) I found these spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, typos: _______________

4.) I was a little confused by: ___________________

5.) I am really interested in finding/reading more about: _____________________

You may limit your answer to one sentence. Vague or nondescript responses like, “it was nice” or “everything was great” or “I like the way you describe things” are not acceptable. Once you have answered at least ONE question, you will receive the next chapter, and then the next. My writing schedule is tight, but I typically finish two chapters a month. Anyone who stays with me until the end will be honored with their name in print on the Acknowledgments page.

Interested? Great! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!  

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