Dear Editor: Ages of Aenya Query 2014

Dear Editor,

Age of Aenya is a trio of interconnected fantasy novellas at c. 170,000 words.

City by the Sea: To save her family from starvation, Thelana leaves her homeland in search of civilization. But in Hedonia, she is forced to live as a vagabond, until she is caught stealing the pearl eyes from the idol of the Sea God. But when a star falls to the Sea, the city is swallowed by waves. Amid the turmoil, Xandr, the last of her people, fights to save her.

The Serpent’s Eye: When Xandr is poisoned by a merchant trader, Thelana crosses into the West, where the days grow longer and hotter. Her only salvation is a ruin lost in time. But as the man she loves clings to life, he relives the last days (in a dream that is not a dream) of his great ancestor—the martyr who helped to free mankind from slavery.

Flesh and Steel: Hidden away since birth, Emma grows into an awkward young woman, accused of witchcraft and sold as a slave. But a chance encounter with Xandr and Thelana takes her on an adventure to reach the peak of Mount Spire before a golem of imaginable power reshapes their world.

From six years of age, I knew what I wanted to do with my life, and that was to make fiction, the kind that is remembered for generations. In 2000, I earned my BA in English from the University of South Florida, where I helped as a tutor and editor. I continue to write essays, reviews and short fiction on my blog, The Writer’s Disease, while perfecting my craft as a novelist.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Nick Alimonos
Home Phone: 727-XXX-XXXX
Cell Phone: 727-XXX-XXXX

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