Updated 10/08/2015

The QUEST System is all about simplicity, creativity, and imagination. The goal is to maximize fun while minimizing complexity. To start playing, you must first make your own hero (or villain):

Guidelines for Making Your Own Hero (or villain):

  • STEP 1: Who do you want to be? There is no wrong answer—no choice that isn’t available. Want to be a ninja with fire powers? An undead pirate? A fairy like Tinkerbell? Why not?
  • STEP 2: Get creative! Give your character a name, a back story and a quote—something that makes him or her memorable.
  • STEP 3: Get some class. Decide whether you wish to make your own class or use an existing one. Unlike most games, you are limited only by your imagination!
  • STEP 4: Get some skills! Starting with a base of 2000 XP (experience points), purchase Health and Skills. Normally, Health should not exceed 15. You can even make your own skills as long you get approval from your GM.
  • STEP 5: How high can you jump? Add up your Action Bonuses to calculate your four basic Ability Scores: STRENGTH, AGILITY, WISDOM and ENDURANCE
  • STEP 6: Grab your gear! Depending on which game you are playing, ask the GM what weapons you are allowed to start with. Normally, ARMOR should never exceed 15 and starting damage should not exceed 4.


QUEST begins the character building process with skills. After all, people do not choose to learn Kung-Fu because they are agile already—they learn Kung-Fu to become agile. The same logic is applied in QUEST.  If you want to be a great warrior, practice your sword techniques first, then go out into the world and bash some heads.


To advance new or pre-made characters throughout gaming, players need only to keep track of their XP. XP is gained by:

  • Killing a monster = 1 XP per HEALTH, x2 for * or x3 for **
  • As partitioned by GM’s during an RPG session for acts of heroism or creativity.
For every thousand points of XP, your character levels up, at which point you can purchase skills or make new skills. XP can only be lost by spending it on character advancement. Certain skills require lesser abilities or levels to be reached before purchasing its upgrade, or can only be used if certain items (like a shield) are equipped. Advanced skills cannot be purchased at the same time as its lesser component. For example, a player could not obtain both Slide Maneuver and Aerial Maneuver at level 2.



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