Ages of Aenya Kickstarter Video

OK, so it’s probably no secret that I am camera shy. Being a writer and all, I definitely feel most comfortable behind the page. But we live in an age of video. My 5 year old kid is addicted to YouTube. She can watch hours of kids unboxing toys. And it bums me out, knowing these kids get millions of views. I was either born too early, or too late for this post-YouTube world. But it’s not all bad. Once, I remarked to a fellow writer how much friendlier people seem at book signings, as opposed to online forums. She said it’s because we’re face-to-face, that they can see me as a real person, and I am starting to come around to her way of thinking. Video helps to humanize us in ways even the best of poetry cannot. So without further ado, here’s super-handsome me, in the flesh, promoting my Ages of Aenya Kickstarter:

UPDATE 9/18/2015:

So, the Ages of Aenya Kickstarter did not succeed. We managed to raise just $1300 of the $10,000 needed. But as heartbreaking as this is, considering I have been working to promote the book for 15 years, it’s even worse when the comignorants (TM) drop by, just to kick me when I am down. It is both amazing and depressing to me, that people always find the time and energy to criticize, but never to give their support. And the worst part is, they don’t even put in the effort to properly criticize. When I give poor book reviews, I make sure to read the whole thing, cover to cover. It would be disingenuous of me to report to give honest feedback, even if I had read everything but the last page. Sometimes, as in the case of Life of Pi, the final chapter can turn everything around. The same can be said for writers, their blogs, and their Kickstarters. If you want to criticize what I did wrong, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Do a little research first. Take the extra time and effort to click on a few links. Don’t be a comignorant (TM)! Maybe I am already doing what you’re suggesting!

Case in point, an anonymous commentator suggested that the reason for my failed Kickstarter was this video. Of course, what he didn’t know was that my Kickstarter launched on July 18th, and my video was made on September 5th. That’s more than a month later! OK, so maybe after showing my ugly mug on YouTube, my supporters pulled their pledges in disgust? Nope. Actually, the video accounted for the single biggest boost in supporters, including high profile names, like WNBR organizer Lady God1va, who pledged $100 and notified her 15,000 Twitter followers.

What is perhaps most infuriating, is that Mr. Anonymous Commentator also made this suggestion, and I quote, 

The good news is that there are video artists online that would cut a video with a script for you for a fairly decent price… maybe give that a try next time if you try again? A semi-professional video with perhaps a montage of Aenya illustrations just might do the job.

Oh, really? You mean like this video here, which I posted to my Kickstarter four days from launch, on July 22nd? 

My advice to you, Mr. Anonymous? Don’t be comignorant (TM), slide your cursor away from the comment box and do your homework! 


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