It, Carrie, and Taboo Subjects in Literature

No discussion of Stephen King’s It would be complete without tackling that scene—a scene not surprisingly omitted from every film adaptation—and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just read the book! Hint: sex + children. Historically, taboo subjects in fiction challenge readers to examine social norms, and forces us to consider whether anything should be off-limits to authors, or if well-intentioned creators should be free to tackle any topic, particularly today, in this age of rampant pornography, political outrage, cancel culture, and the death of nuance.

We also discuss King’s first novel, Carrie, how he developed as a young writer, and how he experiments with style, often bending the rules of grammar to get into the heads of his characters. And also, how King, as a middle-aged man, handles his pubescent protagonist, a girl dealing with an abusive mother, religious oppression, high school bullies, and the trauma of puberty.

Please give it a listen!!!

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