Why MAUS Matters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about MAUS, Art Spiegelman’s moving holocaust graphic novel, now recently banned by the Tennessee School Board. Schools in Tennessee are run by ninnies, apparently, because all seven members voted to keep the book from the hands of middle schoolers owing to the book’s depiction of nudity (black and white images of nude mice) and a few uses of the word “bitch.” Banning books, of course, always results in the opposite of its intended effect, and in no time at all MAUS shot to the top of everyone’s reading list, selling out everywhere and jumping to Amazon’s no. #2 spot in all book categories.

MAUS isn’t just a great book (**** out of 4 stars, easy) but an important one, something everyone should be reading. And, given all the hullabaloo, Heather and I knew we had to throw in our pennies. So in this casting of the pod, we talk MAUS while getting down and dirty into censorship, cancel culture, politics, and religion (all the good stuff, basically). Bored? Not easily offended? Easily offended? We don’t care!

Listen at your own risk!!!

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