A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz

In today’s exciting podcast, I sit down with Stephen Swartz to discuss his semi-biographical novel, A Girl Called Wolf. It’s the harrowing true survival tale of an Inuit girl named Anuka (a fan and friend I’ve known for many years through Facebook) and the rare indie book deserving more attention. Then in true Story Matters fashion, we go off into several crazy tangents: from Amazon’s dreadful algorithm to Vladimir Nobokov’s Lolita, Stephen King’s infamous scene from IT, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, HBO’s latest breakout show, The Last of Us, our shared love for the Classics and the Trojan War, my continued loathing for Circe, and Swartz’s current pandemic trilogy, Flu Season.

Give it a listen, and then be sure to go pick up Stephen Swartz’s A Girl Called Wolf direct from Amazon!

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