Deep Thoughts


Automation will be the death of us all …

The Great Resignation and the Plight of Small Business Owners

A Rational Case for Irrational Thinking

Why Sex is Meaningful

We are the dystopia 

It’s time to end race.

The Hub of All Worlds

What is Free Will?

Tapestry Theory, Sam Harris, and Defining the Self

Why Nudism is Wrong* (and Where it is Right)

God is One

Who is God?

Why I Do Not Call Myself an Atheist

A False Dichotomy: The Religion/Atheism Debate

JE SUIS CHARLIE and the Threat of Absolutism

One Dead Child is One Too Many

Kurzweil’s Future? No Thanks . . .

Sexism and Warrior Women?

The Greek Pedophile/Pederasty Stereotype

Sex, Morality, and Marriage

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